Floor Bridge

The solution for difficult joints


All facilities have a joint which has been repaired countless times with awful results.


  • Perfect permanent solution to joint problems.
  • It can be polished, so the floor remains completely flat.
  • Rustproof.
  • Frost and salt resistant.
  • Resistant to heavy loads.
  • It can be resurfaced and it is waterproof.
  • Quick to apply in any surface without interrupting the activity.
  • Best economic and ecological solution.
  • Greater proven security and longer lifespan of vehicles (forklifts, pallet trucks, etc.)
  • Protects the back of the forklift drivers against lessions.

Application fields:

  • High shelves warehousing facilities.
  • Industrial building.
  • Automobile manufacturing companies and supplier companies.
  • Production plants.
  • Multi-storey or underground car parks.
  • Shopping centers and supermarkets.
  • Events centers.
  • Hospitals and laboratories.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry (production and distribution).
  • Food Industry (production and distribution).
  • The most important advantage of FloorBridge is the seamless installation, allowing the driving of any type of vehicles on it, without vibrations.
  • Protects floor joints as well as vehicles, thus avoiding damage to joints and vehicles such as forklifts and hand forklifts. Even forklift drivers benefit from the back-friendly effect.


The financial advantages are substantial:

Studies show that they pay themselves off within the first year solely on reparation costs related to broken joints in forklift trucks.

FloorBridge’s enormous weight-bearing capacity is also ergonomic. The system provides an ideal absorption of horizontal movements. It is temperature, corrosion and chemically resistant; suitable for the food industry and shows no weathering due to maintenance.

Juntas Floorbridge: Floorbridge Joints: The solution for all floor joints problems..

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Technical data:

FloorBridge is a high-tech carbon fiber joint for high traffic floors.

FloorBridge is an innovative joint profile for joining floor slabs. The polymer profile composite, reinforced with carbon, is extremely hard and it can be polished to be leveled with the floor after installation. FloorBridge can bare weight within 12 or 24 hours from installation depending on the execution method. It is coatable and waterproof and provides a long-lasting over pass for thermal movements.

FloorBridge can be performed in the renovation of damaged joints, as well as in new construction. It guarantees financial and ecologically suited solutions for each problem.

Floor Bridge solves the problem at once. Floor Bridge is a pre-manufactured plate of 1.20 meters by 25 cm with sandwich structure composed of alternating sheets of carbon fiber and resin with arid. Its corrugated joint, sealed with a material so flexible that it allows a more than 1 cm dilation, manages to spread the impact of the wheels of the forklift trucks.

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