Social Commitment

In DUROTEC we understand social responsibility as an unavoidable commitment with the people around us, with our surroundings and with the future.

The basis of a great company lies on the team that makes it work. In Durotec we are committed to hiring people from the same area in which we are based in Almería. Environment in which Durotec was born and from where it keeps growing. We were born as a small but ambitious project and nowadays operate at national and international level.

Nevertheless we want to take our social commitment one step further. We want to support and develop, not only social projects that contribute to a real and effective integration of the most disadvantaged within the community, but also help the youth with projects that aim to empower them through sports.

I have been a sportsman for many years and on top of giving me many joys it has taught me the value of effort, work, the importance of team work, trust, respect, honesty… Values that one day helped me to pursue my dream and to create this company.

Now is the moment for this company to help many other people to grow and dream.