The ideal solution for many types of floor
The solution provided by DUROTEC, led to the factory floor efficient recovery. The work was fulfilled in such a way, that production never had to be stopped.
Maintenance and hygiene have become an easy task.
Relying on Durotec´s advice and professionalism was the best choice.
Puleva Granada

Gabriel López López

Technical Director, Puleva – Spain
The store is brighter and easier to clean, farewell to dust. We now have the best guaranteed quality floor. Durotec and their Ashford Formula deserve top marks. I have visited many industrial states and never have I come across a finish like this. I have never met such an efficient, professional and rigorous company either. They stick to deadlines and the quality of work, and a devoted team. It was a great decision. Our treatments offer alternative solutions and of greater durability than the traditional resins and paints. The maintenance costs are highly reduced.

Antonio Tejada

Owner of Gaudi Spare Parts and Accessories







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