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We provide an innovative service for concrete pavements with the objective of increasing their physical properties, treating their pathologies and providing a significant aesthetic improvement.

We are specialized in the treatment of concrete pavements, both in new works and in recoveries and repairs of existing pavements.

Imagine a floor that beats under your feet, designed for you.
An abrasion resistant floor.
A dust free floor.
A soil with low absorption.
An impact-proof floor.
A non-slip floor.
A durable floor that also shines before your eyes.

Our treatments provide alternative solutions to traditional resins and paints, giving floors greater durability and significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Our Customers

Juan Tomás Cano President, Cohorsan

The result is spectacular. There is no customer, partner or supplier visit that is not admired when seeing the floor. We have also managed to make it always look clean, which is essential for us, because it gives us the confidence of knowing that we offer a good image. Cleaning is very simple and fast, we only have to pass the scrubber. If I had to make a new ship, I would bet directly on this system without thinking about it.

Gabriel López López Techniccal Director, Puleva España

The solution provided by DUROTEC, led to the factory floor efficient recovery. The work was fulfilled in such a way, that production never had to be stopped.
Maintenance and hygiene have become an easy task.

Relying on Durotec´s advice and professionalism was the best choice.

Antonio Tejada Gaudí Spare Parts and Accesories

The store is brighter and easier to clean, farewell to dust. We now have the best guaranteed quality floor. Durotec and their Ashford Formula deserve top marks. I have visited many industrial states and never have I come across a finish like this. I have never met such an efficient, professional and rigorous company either. They stick to deadlines and the quality of work, and a devoted team. It was a great decision. Our treatments offer alternative solutions and of greater durability than the traditional resins and paints. The maintenance costs are highly reduced.

DUROTEC-GLASSTONE S.L. ha recibido una ayuda para la ejecución del proyecto de Investigación y Desarrollo, de título “DESARROLLO DE PRODUCTO INTEGRAL PARA EL TRATA-MIENTO ECO – SOSTENIBLE Y PROTECCIÓN FRENTE A AGENTES QUÍMICOS DE PA-VIMENTOS DE HORMIGÓN” y número de expediente IDI-20230298, a través del Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico y la Innovación (CDTI), ayuda cofinanciada por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) a través del Programa Operativo Plurirregional de España 2021 – 2027.

El objetivo general del proyecto consiste en el desarrollo de una tecnología ecosostenible e integral para el tratamiento de las superficies de hormigón en estado fresco que sea capaz de realizar de forma simultánea la densificación, el curado y la protección del hormigón. Asimismo, durante la ejecución, se cuenta con la colaboración de la entidad TESELA, Materiales, Innovación y Patrimonio S.L.

El proyecto se desarrolla en las instalaciones de Andalucía en el periodo comprendido entre octubre de 2022 y septiembre 2024, y con un presupuesto total de ejecución de 435.245€.

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