The ideal solution for many types of floor

The solution provided by DUROTEC, led to the factory floor recovery efficiently. The work was fulfilled in such a way, that no stops were suffered in our activity.
Now, it’s much easier to keep its maintenance and cleanliness.
To count on the advice and professionalism of DUROTEC, was a good decision.

Gabriel López López

Technical Director, Puleva – Spain


I have gained in brightness, ease of cleaning; I said goodbye to dust and I have the best first-class quality floor and with guarantee. I would give Durotec and its Ashford Formula System an 11, if it existed (10 is the highest mark in Spain). I have visited many companies and I have never seen a floor like this. Also to emphasize, that I have never ever met such an efficient and professional company, serious with deadlines and with the finished work and with a very human and committed team. It was a really good decision.

Antonio Tejada

Owner of Gaudi Spare Parts and Accessories







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