About us

Technology at the service of beauty

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Where do we come from?

DUROTEC was born from the restless spirit of Toni Jiménez, Director and founder of Durotec©, with an extended experience in concrete polishing techniques. He has been trained by the most prestigious companies of the Polishing Concrete System in US and Europe.

We are a pioneering company and leader in the treatment of concrete decks and slabs. We are at the cutting edge in technology thanks to our training and the experience gained over the years and the results of the hard work of the best professionals.

What we do

We offer an innovative service for concrete pavements with an aim to increase their physical properties (abrasion and impact resistance, durability, dust removal, etc…), to provide a significant improvement to the aesthetics and to treat existing pathologies.

Our treatments offer alternative solutions and of greater durability than the traditional resins and paints. The maintenance costs are highly reduced.

Our goal

We are invested in a permanent research and development process for which we count on some of the most outstanding international manufacturers of chemical and diamond tools. Our team is in a constant evolution, investigating the development of new treatments and improving the already existent ones to offer a state of the arts product.

DUROTEC’s priority is to listen and to understand the customer; we always tailor our work to each unique client, offering personalized solutions adapted to each pavement, considering its current state, the company’s activity and its intended use.

Our team

Professionalism, creativity and knowledge