polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors

Concrete polishing is an increasingly demanded option not only by companies in the renovation of their facilities, but also in the construction of new ones, as it presents great advantages over traditional floors in which the process was completed with the troweling of concrete.

What is a polished concrete floor

In this sense, a polished concrete floor is understood to be that floor on which a mechanical process is applied through the use of diamond disc machines, after troweling, leaving a totally smooth and free of irregularities appearance on the treated surface.

A process with which, from Durotec, we give the client the opportunity to choose the level of brightness he wants for his installations, from matt to high gloss, depending on his needs and tastes, which provides great versatility in the final finish.

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What are the benefits of this type of flooring?

As we said, polished concrete pavements are an option increasingly demanded by customers because, among the many benefits it provides, it highlights the reduced maintenance that his type of surface requires.

They support very well traffic, spills, since with the mechanical process the pore is closed and the liquid is prevented from penetrating inside, as well as the transit of people. More information on the advantages of this type of floors.

Economic, simple and fast maintenance

Polished concrete pavements are very easy to clean since they require only manual or automatic scrubbing with a neutral PH detergent suitable for this type of surface.

In this regard, at Durotec we also recommend using diamond pads in the cleaning, instead of brushes, and a special product that we deliver to all our customers, with which the floor remains protected and the ideal pH of the concrete is conserved.


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Greater resistance of polished surfaces

Another of the great advantages offered by this type of surfaces after their polishing is the increase in resistance to both abrasion and impact. As we said before, the use of the mechanical process with diamond tools and the effect of the chemical densifier used by Durotec throughout the process contribute to the closure of the surface pore.

In this way, the result is an increase in abrasion resistance of up to 400% and impact resistance of up to 20%, being, therefore, very resistant to bumps, marks or scratches, which guarantees a floor to be in perfect condition for many years.

Polished concrete allows colour

On the other hand, one of the questions that many customers ask us is whether concrete can be dyed or if there are colours in polished concrete. The answer is yes. In a new concrete, the colour is provided by the tread layer that is applied in the elaboration of concrete floor.

Therefore, if you apply a red, gray, green or any other colour, that colour is maintained with polished concrete. If it is a deteriorated concrete slab, in Durotec what we do is to bring it back to life with a chemical and mechanical process.

In the development of this process it is possible to apply colour and that the floor acquires that tonality to match any colour scheme that you want to have in your building or installation.


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In which installations is a polished floor suitable?

They are a quality bet for the industrial sector, for commercial premises or for areas of high traffic, as on these surfaces the advantages of a polished concrete floor are very important.

The chemical and mechanical treatment applied by Durotec to obtain a polished concrete floors hardens the pavement giving it greater resistance, reduces the wear caused by machinery traffic, facilitates the elimination of tire marks, facilitates the cleaning and elimination of spill marks .

Solution to the dust problem

In addition, a surface or floor of polished concrete is not degraded, its wear is avoided and above all, by closing the pore of the concrete it is possible to end the production of dust.


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Surfaces that do not slide

One of the doubts that arises to companies when talking about this type of flooring is whether the fact of having that brightness similar to that of marble implies that it slips. Nothing further from reality.

Polished concrete floors do not slip and it is also possible to generate an improvement in the planimetry of the surface. Also, they present a good grip of the paint if it is necessary to mark a certain area.

Therefore, both indoor and outdoor are viable options and offer great advantages.

The choice also in decoration

So much so that there are even shops, dealers and offices that bet on this type of surfaces treated as decorative, since they allow different options and textures. They are an avant-garde solution that adapts to both modern and classic requirements and therefore provides practical as well as decorative solutions.

Price of polished concrete floor

Finally, one of the issues raised by customers when choosing the finish for the floor is the price of polished concrete.

In this aspect, there is no closed price since it depends on many factors, such as the dimensions of the facilities, the level of polish that the client wants or if you want more matt or with greater brightness, among other aspects.

The truth is that although the price of the polished finish is higher than that of an untreated concrete, finished in the trowel, in the long term allows savings in facilities, both in cleaning and maintenance and in the use of other treatments such as the use of paints or epoxy resins, since they are not necessary because they have a floor of guarantees and with a lasting image.