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Durotec develops a floor repair project for the Beasain headquarters of the international company CAF

Durotec is carrying out the project of repairing the floor of one of the assembly installations while the client maintains full production

Durotec, a company specializing in solutions for concrete surfaces, is completing the renovation of the assembly line floor for the international company CAF, in Beasain.

CAF is one of the largest companies in the world for manufacturing trains and trams, and is carrying out an important repair project, for the renovation and repair of the floor for its headquarters in Beasain. A project for which CAF has once again trusted Durotec and the innovative Retroplate system, after reviewing the excellent results offered by Durotec, last year, in one of the installations CAF has in Guipúzcoa.

An ambitious project, as the existing floor is more than 10 years old, and was produced using different concretes with numerous tracks and joints.

On completion of the project by Durotec, the concrete floor was completely uniform, without bumps, with an increase in hardness up to 300%, a high reflection of light, thanks to the gloss finish, and elimination of dust.

Also, due to the intense volume of work of CAF, the floor works and repairs have been carried out while maintaining the full production of the plant. “The project we have developed in motion, working at the pace that the assembly line progressed. A very complex and difficult process to execute but we can guarantee, thanks to the large team of specialists, and the product line that we use that allows cure and polish surfaces in just 30 minutes, “explains Toni Jiménez, Director General of Durotec.

This is precisely one of the strengths of Durotec and what differentiates it from other companies, since it allows companies to continue to develop their normal activities, with no stoppages in production.

CAF, a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of equipment and components for railway systems worldwide, currently owns factories in Beasain, Zaragoza, Madrid and Irún, where last year Durotec carried out the treatment of the new factory floor With Ashford Formula, a system with 20 years guarantee of a prefect floor.

DUROTEC-GLASSTONE S.L. ha recibido una ayuda para la ejecución del proyecto de Investigación y Desarrollo, de título “DESARROLLO DE PRODUCTO INTEGRAL PARA EL TRATA-MIENTO ECO – SOSTENIBLE Y PROTECCIÓN FRENTE A AGENTES QUÍMICOS DE PA-VIMENTOS DE HORMIGÓN” y número de expediente IDI-20230298, a través del Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico y la Innovación (CDTI), ayuda cofinanciada por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) a través del Programa Operativo Plurirregional de España 2021 – 2027.

El objetivo general del proyecto consiste en el desarrollo de una tecnología ecosostenible e integral para el tratamiento de las superficies de hormigón en estado fresco que sea capaz de realizar de forma simultánea la densificación, el curado y la protección del hormigón. Asimismo, durante la ejecución, se cuenta con la colaboración de la entidad TESELA, Materiales, Innovación y Patrimonio S.L.

El proyecto se desarrolla en las instalaciones de Andalucía en el periodo comprendido entre octubre de 2022 y septiembre 2024, y con un presupuesto total de ejecución de 435.245€.

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