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Durotec Glasstone signs contract with the American company CureCrete , to distribute the Ashford Formula and RetroPlate

Durotec Glasstone signs a contract, joining expertise and knowledge, with the prestigious North American company CureCrete, for the RetroPlate System products distribution at national and European level, and for Ashford Formula product distribution in Spain and Portugal.


LEED Rating: RetroPlate System is environmentally friendly and our clients and yours care about that! RetroPlate is purely and simply a modified sodium silicate which interacts with the calcium hydroxide (free lime) in the composition of concrete cement. In using RetroPlate, you and your customers will have safe and natural materials to improve the concrete’s resistance.

Abrasion Resistance: The RetroPlate system increases abrasion resistance to up to 400 % (ASTM C779). As a surface treatment, RetroPlate provides the greatest increase in strength on the floor top and offer an unbeatable abrasion resistance.

Water repellence: The system RetroPlate chemically and mechanically blocks the pores in the floor surface. This densification process inhibits the penetration of water, oils and other contaminants.

Removes dust: RetroPlate seals the surfaces and retains within the concrete all the salts, thus avoiding dust formation. This dramatically reduces the equipment and the machinery maintenance costs, and the finished products are manufactured free of concrete dust.

GLITTER MARBLE TYPE: With the system RetroPlate, three brightness levels are provided. Level 1 is a matte finish, providing a light shine that increases over time with traffic and regular washing. Level 2 is a high gloss shine with a good degree of reflectivity. Level 3 offers a brightness level similar to marble; the reflectivity is increased at least 30 %. Each gloss level offers easy maintenance and increases floor’s strength and resistance to scratches.


EASY MAINTENANCE: When creating a smooth, dust-free surface, maintenance is drastically reduced. The tire marks are prevented. A national eye care manufacturer declared that the RetroPlate system reduced maintenance by 90 % .

INCREASES FLOOR HARDNESS: Tests show that the RetroPlate system increases floor resistance at impact with 21 % (ASTM C805 ) .

QUALITY: A floor treated with RetroPlate doesn’t pose adverse effects when exposed to ultraviolet light or water spray (ASTMG23 -81). RetroPlate System creates a durable floor that resists to traffic, abrasion, and daily abuse.

SECURITY FEATURES: The system eliminates slippage. While giving a beautiful shine, RetroPlate doesn’t create a slippery surface. The RetroPlate system is environmentally safe.


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