For those who want the finest polished concrete floors that money can buy, it’s imperative to research all the new technological advances that the field of concrete polishes currently boasts. Getting the right tech involved in your new flooring can save you money in the future, improve the property value of your building, and also can help add to the elegant atmosphere that you want to achieve. Retroplate is currently being hawked as one of the best environmentally friendly concrete polishing systems in the world, and it can help you (and mother nature) in ways that no other system can.

Retroplate is unlike many other concrete polishing methods because it keeps people from having to spend a fortune on repolishing, and also avoids the use of potentially dangerous chemicals that most other concrete polishing systems rely on. Companies and institutions that pride themselves on excellent architecture and beautiful floors have begun to pick up Retroplate as their concrete polishing system of choice. It has even been used in a project by the University Of Calgary!

Many people automatically assume that chemical-free methods of concrete floor polishing will have major pitfalls.  It’s common for people to think that the polishing process will take a lot more time to complete, that the floor will not be able to retain its new shine, or that the colors of your concrete floor will not be as bright as one would hope. Retroplate manages to quash all of these assumptions and more. Not only does the polishing process take the same time as other options, but it also makes your floors 30% brighter. Floors that have been polished with Retroplate also stay polished for a longer period of time, and are also easier to maintain. Since each kit also covers a large amount of square footage, Retroplate also can be cheaper than other systems in certain circumstances.

Because of the fact that Retroplate keeps upkeep costs low, floors perfectly bright, and also is an environmentally sound option, more and more major commercial crews are beginning to use it their favorite way to create beautiful floors. Retroplate also has been called the easiest way to get the artsy, bright, and extremely colorful polished concrete designs that have been featured in magazine pages, on television, and in major music videos. Amazingly enough, this stunning technology is actually very affordable, and can be implemented in a really short amount of time. All you have to do in order to get Retroplate is call us up, and let us help you put together your new flooring plan.


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